Living through an amazing revolution being led by female DJ's...


We are living through an amazing time where the vibes in the spaces are being curated by female DJ's but something bigger is happening beneath the surface,it is a sign of the times we are living through. Women are becoming the most powerfull and potent versions of themselves and moments like this are just a reflection of the global zeitgeist.Let me explain.

Don't get me wrong we have always had dope female DJ's in the space from Dj Zinhle, to  Dj Cndo to Ms Cosmo but this is the first time that we concurrently have more than 5 female DJ's who are running the space all at the same time. What a time to trully be alive, the old guard is falling right before our very eyes and giving way to the new. The funniest thing about this whole situation is that so many men are pressed by these womens success in the space, they have all the excuses in the world about why these new female Dj's are succeeding in the space, from ''they are just pretty faces'' to ''they are just lucky'' to ''it's because of piano''. What these statements show is that men are still very ignorant to the fact that it isn't a mans world anymore and that women are going to continue to break through old ceilings that were made by men to keep women down.

This is not an article neccessarily about woman empowerment but more of a time stamp, a tempreture check of the zeitgeist if you will. We have a plethora of female Dj's in different genre's who are just completely fxcking shit up. Everyone from the dynamic twin duo of TXC, DBN Gogo, Lamiez DJ who are completely running the dance floor with their electryfying piano sets to Nekita Dj and Fif_laa who are keeping Hip Hop very much alive. Their male counterparts can't even compete to be honest, the skill level just isn't on par anymore. Just think about someone like DBN Gogo, in my opinion she is the best Dj in the country and it's not even close. When she gets behind a deck she is untouchable, no man or woman can even come close and if you have ever had the privilege of seeing her live you know exactly what I speak of. The newest kid on the block Uncle Waffles is the one who really has people pressed, she went viral a couple of months ago and men have not been able to sleep ever since. They are so mad at her come up and have tried to use every excuse in the book to justify her success. She is currently on an African tour with shows from Ghana, Nigeria to Botswana and everywhere in between and dudes just can't deal with it. They feel like it should be them and they deserve it more than her, but unfortuantely for them they are going to be waiting a long time for the end of her reign.

From us here at the Gold Axis we would like to applaud all the female DJ's who are killing it and taking over the space and we can't wait to see where they take it. Hit us up in the comment section with who some of your favourite female Dj's are right now.