South Africa's wedding season is upon us and Rick Jade are sharing their nuptial experience with the "Sweetie Lavo" music video. The musical duo has steadily kept their romance rooted in their music, making the production experience breezy for them and enjoyable to their fans.

When they announced their pregnancy with the "Bonita" music video, it was clear that Rick Jade documents their life by creating a type of "life long soundtrack" and love-filled visuals.

This time around is no different, as Rick Jade has let the world into their special day with the "Sweetie Lavo" music video...their wedding.
This was what Rick Jade had to say about producing the video:

''It wasn’t hard. It was our wedding, it was filled with joy & love. All Nkululeko Lebambo has to do was film the moments. The hardest thing was turning a 48-hour wedding into 5minutes of viewing time.''

We wanted to showcase our tradition, to educate the audience on the cultural background of what takes place in a South African traditional wedding. A wedding in the South African sense is not just a union between bride and groom, it is a union of families, a union of cultures and traditions, a marrying of spiritual ancestors and forefathers. We wanted to showcase certain aspects of how the families engage, the gifting ceremony between the families & show beautiful marrying of modern & traditional Sesotho attire. Ultimately we wanted to share our joy with our audience & make them feel like they were present.