Poding in South Africa is getting bigger and bigger by the day...


Podcasting is the fastest growing media space in South Africa and we are finally getting to a place where an industry is forming. In the past 4 years we have really seen the space grow and day by day more and more "pods" are being established but as we all know, the cream will always rise. So we decided to put together a list of  our favourite podcasts in South Africa in no particular order.

1. Nkululeko n Cultr

The amazing podcast is ran by Nkululeko where he interviews interesting South African personalities and they talk everything from music, Politics, entertainment and everything in between.He has sat down with everyone from Pornstars to Lawyers and musicians and week in week out he is able to give us amazing conversations.Nkululeko is a brilliant mind who has many intrests and thats why his conversations translate so well with his wide range of guests.The pod drops twice a week so make sure you tune in.

2. Virtual Mkhukhu

This is a special one, started by Penuel The Black Pen and the legend DJ Sbu and is becoming one of the fastest growing podcasts in South Africa right now. The podcast is crafted around being a hub of knowledge for entreprenuers and creatives in Africa, the show is centred around helping their viewers (the virtual squatters)  to disect and extract valuable lessons from the various topics they discuss. Dj Sbu had already started his own podcast The Hustlers corner but after he sat down with Penuel the Virtual Mkhukhu was born. Penuel is a phenominal orator and DJ Sbu is a genius businesman and legendary music executive and their combination together is magic. They discuss everything from the South African political landscape, African knowledge, building businesses from the ground up with sprinkles of pop culture but always through the lense of teachable content. If knowledge and information is what you are searching for then this is definitely the podcast for you.

3. MacG Podcast & Chill

The number one podcast in Africa, it's not even a question when it comes to the podcast & chill platform. They recently just crossed a 100 million views on Youtube and are continuosly breaking new grounds for not only Podcasts in South Africa but for the entire continent, the kings of Pop culture. If contemporary celebrity culture is your thing then this is podcast for you.

4. The Sobering Podcast

The Sobering Podcast are the South African Hip Hop custodians and there is no one better than these guys. When it comes to curating the history and discusing contemporary South African Hip Hop they are the best .A fun fact is that hey may be the one of the first podcasts in the country with their first episode uploaded on the 19th of June 2017. They have had everyone from Maglera Doe Boy to their most recent sit down with the super mega AKA, if inteligent conversations about Hip Hop is your thing then The Sobering Podcast is exactly what you need. They drop an episode a week so make sure you tune in.

5. The Penuel show

Penuel the black pen is quickly becoming one of the most interesting voices to emerge this year in South Africa. He first came onto the scene on the Virtual Mkhukhu podcast and has been my personal favourite podcaster to watch grow and infiltrate the space. The man who has created his own religion "Penuelism" and believes in poking holes through modern day thinking paterns, he is the best polarising figure we have in the podcast landscape .This podcast is centred around well everything and nothing, it is the perfect general expert platform that was really a genre of podcasting that was fathered by the father of all Podcasts around the world, Joe Rogan. The lense he views the world through makes his platform the perfect place for stimulating conversations to happen. He has sat down with everyone from billionaire Robert Hersov to revolutionist Nhlanhla Lux and has gained more than 15'000 subscribers in 2 months.The episodes drop every Monday on his Youtbe channel so make sure you you check it out.

6. The Rea & Blvck Steph Podcast

Your favourite podcasts favourite podcasts, the young guys from EverythingSAMusic have created one of the jugernauts of South African podcasts.This is the platform for all things about South African music and it's ever changing landscape. The guys first came onto the scene with their ESAM platform where they interview South African artists about their journeys which then birthed the Rea & Blvck Steph pod which made them national news with the whole "Bonang" situation. This is a great music platform where you get to keep your pulse on contemporary South African music and get to hear Rea & Black Stephs hot takes.