Major League Dj's have created one of the biggest platforms in the country...all in the name of piano

Amapiano has been dictating the air-waves in South Africa for the last 3 years strong and it seems to be reaching new heights everyday. From individuals like DJ Maphorisa & Kabza De small, to DBN Gogo, and JazziQ. Amapiano is the most influential genre of music in South Africa right now, and it's been like that for a minute.

Amapiano is currently South Africa's biggest chance at exporting their culture to the rest of the world.Individuals like Focalistic are already well on their way with that mission and it's only a matter of time before artists like Drake or Ariana Grande jump on the ''Yanos'' wave.

Major League Dj's created the balcony mix to showcase, not only the best dj's in amapiano but also, the unreleased music, it became an instant fan favourite. They created the perfect platform to display all the amazing music and talent coming from the genre. They dropped their first balcony mix on the 3rd of February 2020, exactly a month before the whole world went into lockdown which shows amazing foresight on their part. Everyone was stuck at home and we couldn't go out at all, the balcony mix came at the perfect time to curate and keep the Amapiano world very much alive. Since then they have gone to have everyone from Kabza De Small to Virgo Deep, as guest Dj's on the show. They concistently rack up 100's of thouands of views for every mix they drop, and it keeps getting bigger and bigger by the week. If you haven't seen any of their balcony mixes then fear not, they are all available on their youtube page for your enjoyment.

We can't wait to see how the genre continues to grow and flourish, and just want to shout out all the efforts the Major League Dj's are doing to help take Amapiano to the world.