Amapiano keeps reaching new heights, but at what cost...

Jorja Smith just dropped a brand new Amapiano song with Ghanaian record producer DJ Guilty Beatz and the reactions from the fans have been split at the seams. This is the first official Amapiano song by an international musician and some fans from South Africa and the rest of the continent are elated by the growth of the genre, while others are referring to it as moe examples of ''culture vulturing'' and ''lazy collaboration''.

This is the moment were the South African born genre takes flight and becomes an international sound which is what everyone wants right, but at what cost? Amapiano is currently South Africas most popular genre and it's most successful cultural export so people should be happy that an artist on Jorja Smith's level is using the sound, but it's not as clean cut as that. The music was made by South African's and they are the ones who have the source code  for it's authenticity. So when Jorja jumps on Piano and she doesn't involve a South African amapiano artist or producer  it comes off as disingenous.

All South African's want is to ensure that the world knows the origins of the genre and that they directly benefit from what they have created. It only makes sense that you would involve someone who originated what you are doing to make sure it's done right, right ?. Way to many times has  African culture been taken and exploited leaving it's creators creditless and most importantly uncompensated for their genius. Dj Maphorisa dropped a tweet this morning afer the video for Jorja's new Mapiano song got released and it said ''if u don't involve us its not amapiano then trust me u can't eat alone on, amapiano it's a community movement but we don't mind sharing though'' and we completely get his sentiments. It's important for the rest of the world to tread lightly and make sure that the originators of the genre are credited correctly to keep history in it's proper perspective.

Check out the video above and tell us what you guys think, do you think this is the best thing to happen to Amapiano or is it more culture vulture tendencies from the western world? Hit us up in the comment section with your thoughts on the matter.