From the latest dance moves, to predicting future hits on the dance floor , DBN Gogo is the ultimate King Maker...


Over the last 2 years Amapiano has completely taken over and become the leading force in contemporary South African youth culture. Within every Youth culture movement there are always taste makers who dictate the direction and temperature of the movement. No one is more deserving of the title of the most influential figure in Amapiano than DBN Gogo and here is why we think so.

Whether she is killing shows or she is creating new dance moves that go viral overnight DBN Gogo is trully the leader of the culture. Everything she does instantly becomes a nationwide trend and her powers of influence are only getting more potent and focused. What ever trend you can think of that is happening within Amapiano you can propably trace its origin back to Gogo. She has this innate ability to not only predict future national hits but when ever she plays her sets she is able break new songs and make them become anthems. If DBN Gogo plays your song at any of her sets that song is most likely going to become a smash hit and she has done this time and time again for countless artists like Focalistic and Lady Du and many more. I mean in September she had gone to the UK for the Amapiano invasion and she played Felo Le Tee's new anthem 66 and it became a national hit before the song even came out. If you have ever been blessed enough to witness her Dj then you will know exactly what we speak of. She is one of the best DJ's we have in the country and if she decides to throw your song onto her set best believe your life is about to change for the better, she is what you call a world class king maker.

If you are a fan of piano you have definitely seen people dancing with bottles of liquor on their heads and if you follow the origin of this you will find one person at the core, DBN Gogo. She was doing this way before it was the quintessential piano dance move. You guys remeber the dakiwe challenge which had everyone from your favourite politcians to your nieces and nephews tryna move their neck from side to side like Gogo. How about when ''Khuza Gogo'' dropped and she had the whole country waving their fingers at groove, fam we could do this all day her influence is really unrrivaled. We live in a time where influence is measured by the amount of followers you have on instagram and not the actual influence you have over a demographic of people, so when you see people like DBN Gogo with actual real life influence it is a breath of fresh air. She is probablly the most influential figure in South African youth culture right now but because she isn't the type to brag about it people won't see it or acknowledge it, but we do.

From us here at The Gold Axis we applaud DBN Gogo for the role that she plays in the game and we can't wait to see where she takes it. Hit us up in the comment section and tell us what you guys think, did we get it wrong and is there someone else more influential than her in piano?