Here are the 3 things we learned from Shane Eagle sitting down Riky rick...

Shane Eagle sat down with Riky Rick on his podcast Lab Live and they discussed everything from Shane Eagles come up, his postion in the game and his perspective on life and much much more. This was a rare look into one of the most successful young rappers in the game, how he thinks about the game and where he plans to take it. we have to shout out Riky for creating a comfortable space for artists to come and sit with him and tell us the

1) The reason Shane changed his approach to making music from ''Way Up''  to ''Cutting Corners'' is what he calls the Golden Link

He speaks to Riky about realising that he wanted to be asociated with the legendary rap artists who didn't take the mainstream way to making it in the game, thats the golden link that made him change the direction of his music. He wanted to make the music that he could play in rooms with his idols and they would be proud of it. He wants his music to be in the same realm as Lupe Fiasco,Mos Def & Nas in terms of substance and messaging. He is very focused on this golden link and from his sit down with Riky you get to see how calculated and intentional Shane has been with his career.

2) His favourite rapper right now is a 16 year old Kid named Redveil

He discusses how one of his favourite rappers right now is a 16 year old kid called Redveil. He explains how he sees him as an updated version of himself right now, he is 16 and is making music that is on a very high rap level and he is moving to his own flow and path. Once again he mentions the golden link that this kid is making for himself and for me it symbolises Shane's obsessiveness with greatness and he is not going to compromise it for anyone. For Shane it's about the Art, the art comes first and thats what he values.

3) Shane is a very critical thinker, he thinks about life and its parallels in a very detailed way thats why he moves at his own rythm and pace

From the conversation he has with Riky you can clearly see that Shane thinks a lot about Lifes meaning, his purpose and what the golden link is between them. You can hear it in the music but when you hear him articulate it in the interview it seems so cerebral for him. He finds a lot of parallels in life and uses that to draw out his road map to get to exactly where he wants to be in life.

We have to shout out Riky for creating a comfortable space for artists to come and sit with him and show us a more intimate side to them.Check out the full episode above and tell us what you guys think.