Mass Country is AKA's master piece....


AKA's Mass Country, released less than a week ago, stands as his magnum opus. Despite the tragic loss of the artist on February 10th, 2023, it's evident that AKA continues to shape South African Hip Hop from even beyond the grave.He has always set the tempo of the genre and Mass Country being the last time we officially hear him is the most perfect ending to any catalogue.This 14-track album is a beautifully crafted love letter to his country, South Africa, covering a range of emotions from pain and success to hopes and nightmares.

The opening song, "Last Time," immediately showcases AKA's newfound sonic level of spiritual growth. Throughout the album, the artist dives into his personal experiences, taking listeners on an emotional journey of triumph and tragedy. Rich in texture and sound, Mass Country is filled with nostalgic moments from South African history, cementing it as one of the country's greatest albums.

AKA's songwriting shines in tracks such as "Lemonade," "Amapiano & Company," and "Mbuzi Freestyle," but it's "Diary (Anxiety)" that stands out as his most brilliant and personal song to date. "Everest" is another standout track, demonstrating AKA's ability to operate at the top of any mountain and continue to reign over the kingdom of the megacy.

While Mass Country stands as AKA's shortest album, it's also his most focused. Every stroke on this painting is perfectly placed, and the project has all the ingredients to become a future classic. AKA's legacy in South African music is secure, and Mass Country will undoubtedly go down in history as one of his greatest contributions to the genre. In ten years' time, we'll look back on this moment and revel in the genius that was Kiernan Forbes