Costa titch might be the breakout star for 2020

Costa Titch is on the verge of blowing up in the year 2020 and he is steadily building a solid fan base and his latest video for ''Nkalakatha'' reached +64,000 views on youtube in less than a month of it being released .I found out about Costa Titch a couple of months ago from some friends and I completely ignored it because I hadn't heard any music from him and I am skeptical of most things that are hyped on the internet.

Last month I was invited to one of the most culturally impactful events on the calender ''Capsule Fest'' and I finally got to see him perform. I didn't know what to expect, as soon as he touched the stage and started performing the kids started losing their fxcking minds. I realised this kid didn't just have internet clout but it also extended to the real world, the kids started a mosh pit and sang word for word. This really sparked my interest in him and as soon as I got home I Youtube'd his catologue and was immediately impressed. He is a white kid who can rap in zulu and makes music that is the sound track to the most lit mosh pits in downtown Johannesburg clubs ran by the real ragers. He is a rager and he is here to take over the scene whether you guys are ready for it or not. 

His new smash hit Nkalakatha keeps getting bigger every week without the raido co-sign and is a sign of the times at hand where the kids are becoming national stars from the internet, it has really shifted the power and the kids are all aware of this and are taking full adavantage of this. Make sure you check out his new video above and check out the rest of his videos on Youtube.