Grade Africa just collaborated with Chivas on an amazing initiative...


The Chivas Venture is back with a bang. With a refreshed format that aims to make a big difference in local communities, the Chivas Venture is no longer a competition. Instead, cultural leaders will work with upcoming young talent to both nurture their skills and provide unique opportunities.

Grassroots community initiatives run by the go-getters of the world will be at the forefront of the new Chivas Venture, with success and generosity blending together as one. Unapologetic go-getters who hustle hard for their success will thrive under the close watch of relevant and local mentors – a process that will kickstart their careers and cultivate a strong sense of social responsibility.

The first country to pilot the exciting new format is South Africa, with the programme centring around a partnership with Zaid Osman. As the founder of Sneaker Exchange one of Africa’s largest youth culture festival – and streetwear brand and movement Grade Africa, Zaid’s knowledge of the industry, dedication to African pride and ambition is unrivalled.

Elevating those around him is of huge importance for Zaid. Alongside his success in the fashion industry, he set up the Grade Africa Foundation with a mission to eliminate extreme poverty and bring opportunities back to Africa.

Instead of finalists competing for funding, under the new format Chivas, Zaid and his team will work with four apprentices to produce and launch A Grade. A nine-piece luxury capsule collection funded entirely by Chivas, creating A Grade will teach the apprentices about sustainable fashion, the industry and far more. Proceeds of the A Grade sales will be donated to Grade Africa Foundation, to give back to the local community and provide more people with the opportunity for success, and also help the apprentices continue their careers.

The A Grade capsule collection provides a unique opportunity for the Chivas Venture apprentices to learn from Zaid, his team, and other experts in the industry. Their training will kick off with a three-week workshop, learning about the landscape of the fashion industry, power of brand marketing, social media, e-commerce, packaging and more.

Sustainability lies at the heart of the collection. Everything will be fully sourced and manufactured in Africa, spotlighting African talent and supporting local employment and communities. In addition, Zaid and the team only work with factories with sustainable fashion at their core.

The collection will launch in Autumn 2021, with proceeds of the sales going towards the Grade Africa Foundation.