Tesla Model PLAID VS The World.

Last year during the Joe Rogan podcast the richest man to have ever lived, Elon Musk said something that put the petrol head world on notice. Musk stated that he was planning on giving the already insanely fast Tesla Model S a power upgrade. 

Now to fuly appreciate the sheer lunacy of this statement one has to understand that the Tesla model S was already the fastest accelerating car ever made, completng the zero to 100 km/h dash in a riduculous 2.5 seconds. Now the brand new PLAID will do it in less than 2 seconds!!

That means in order to give beat this comfortable family sized car any form of cometition one would have to spend north of R40 million rand and buy An actual hypecar. Check out the video above to see exactly what the difference is between the fastest accelerating car ever made and everything else.