BMW M3 Vs Alfa Guila GTAm In A 1000 HP Showdown.

Bmw's legendary M3 takes on the Alfa Romeo's Guila GTAm in a battle to determine the best sports sedan on the market.

The problem with being the best of the best is simple. Everybody is gunning for your title and with the BMW M3 it's been no different these past 50 years.

Ever since the invention of the M3, BMW has arguably been the benchmark for the family sized sports sedan and for about 50 years it has been facing off with likes of Mercedes, Audi, Cadillac, Porsche and now Alfa Romeo.

Taking on the 473hp BMW M3 is the brand new 533hp Alfa Romeo GTAm from italy and it means business. With its more track focused set up it intends to finally de-throne the king of the sports sedans, but does it? find out by clicking on the video above.