We are back with a new interview and this time we caught up with WNDRSZN and discuss everything


We are back with a new interview and this time we caught up with WNDRSZN and discuss everything from his come up,the cloak of mystery around him, his favourite artists right now and much much more. Check out the inter-view below.


1) You have had one of the best come ups of any artist in Botswana and have been completely moving and creating with a cloak of mystery around your artistry. Was this pre planed? And how does keeping a low profile influence your music creation process?


"I wouldn't say all of it was preplaned but I had a general idea of how I wanted to move prior to making a mark in the scene. I've always created my music all by myself and curated everything that you hear and see from WNDRSZN so for me it's just a normal  way of being whereas somebody from outside may look at it like an intend approach as far as the scarcity and mystery of it all. It all has pros and cons though, on the other side it keeps me focused and in control of my art but at the same time there's a point where you outgrow it and people start to want more from you"


2) Whenever you and Veezo(The splash Bros) get together you guys always make magic together, are we ever going to get a joint project?


''Me and him are like sparring partners really,we keep each other sharp. The chemistry is driven more so by respect and trust than anything. We have more conversations than we make actual music and we've always shared a similar outlook and vision on this journey. We have like a bunch of music and we could probably knock out a project in a week to a month tops but right now its hectic times. He's working on his drop and i'm working on mine but that project is surely on it's way, trust. ''


3) We love the collaboration you did with KLY, tell us how that one came to be?


''Me and KLY started talking early last year. We got linked up by Kea Ncube who at the time had a show on TransAfrica Radio. She just tweeted how she'd like to hear me and him on a record and he responded to it so we started going back and forth and I sent him Missing. It's amazing what a simple gesture of faith can do somethimes. Hopefully me and him continue to give y'all more vibes onwards''


4) We know you are currently being managed by the South African management company Forever young AFrica, can you give us some of the pros and cons of being based in Botswana and being managed outside the country?


''It's crazy but we try and make it work. Most of what management does is based on presence and the present so you need to be around for things to move more with intention. So because of that I try to go back and forth between these bases as much as I can to keep working more angles and pushing.''


5) You are very selective about who you collab with, how do you go about picking who you want to work with?


''I wasn't always a good collaborator or even went out my of my way for it because I have always done things by myself. And when it wasn't that I just found it super stressful to let people around my creative process and then also the expectation for somebody else to do something to the level I set for myself. But I've since gotten better at collaborative work just from being in the same place with like minded people, people like Veezo, Flex, Amobeats, OFITOKWA, Anything with Yusef and more. You gotta be about your sh*t and you gotta be good at it. I stay up late nights tryna figure this thing out and trying to get better everyday. I can only work with people that carry the same energy.''


6) Who are some of your favourite artists in BW?


''It's popin off right now in the city,.......



7Days of Summer


.... well just to name a few.''


7) We need a WNDRSZN video, when are you going to bless the culture with one?


''I can't even lie I been stressing over that too lol. Rest assured it's on the way, multiple visual projects before the year is done. I'm going through a creative overhaul right now so best believe the summer I'm setting y'all up nice.''


8) With 5 months left of 2019 what are some of your plans for the rest of the year?


"My project is on the way, can't give out any more details on it lol a month or two tops. More records and collaborations dropping, videos, official merch. No more taking shots from beyond the arc, I'm going on the attack.


Make sure you checkout WNDRSZN's soundcloud page to find his full discography.

Facebook: WNDRSZN

Twitter: @WNDRSZN