Podcast King Joe Rogan Signs Historic $100 Million Spotify Deal.

The Biggest Podcast on Youtube has signed a deal to move exclusively to streaming giant Spotify with a historic $100 million multi-year deal.

Podcast King Joe Rogan Signs Historic $100 Million Spotify Deal.

Some people may know him as the guy from fear factor or even the voice of the UFC but with more than 5 billion views across his Youtube platform, everybody knows him as the host of the biggest podcast in the world. 

Joe announced yesterday on his instagram account that streaming giant Spotify had signed an exclusive multi-year licencing deal with him which would give Spotify and its 286 million users free access to his full podcasts starting from the 1st of september.

Because this is a licencing deal Joe has stressed to his fans that the formula will not change and that he will still retain 100% full creative control over the production with everything remaining the same. As for his youtube audience, they will no longer get to enjoy full episodes on the platform, however all hope isn't lost because clips from the show will still be made available on Youtube for his fans enjoyment.

The licencing of Joes pocast has been apart of Spoify's bet on aquiring more and more relevant podcasts in order to expand thier audio platform and it seems as though their bet has been paying off big time. Spotify announced earlier in the year that thier podcast audience had grown by a massive 50% adding an additional 9% increase in thier overall subscriber base.

Although Spotify is still running at a loss even with the largest subsriber base in the streaming market it seems like their gamble on podcasts may be their new saving grace but only time will tell.