KrypticSon · Before Things Get Better EP

Before Things Get Better is an 8-track EP recorded during 2019 going into 2020. It’s a project written
through the inspirations of struggle and pain while persistently overcoming any and all challenges.
Including Production from 4 Different producers, namely – Kryptic Son, Melakai, Yves St. Guan and T€D.
It is a project which has been cited by the author as one aimed at Overcoming Pain, Challenging Depression
and Keeping Hope Alive.

Primarily written through the perspective of a Dreamer who has experienced all
Ups and Downs in the pursuit of attaining success and greatness in the local BW Music Industry. It serves
as a great listen when it comes to understanding the mindset of a musician in the Botswana Music Scene.
The project was published for Streaming on Sept 7th, 2020 by Believe The Records