Paradise 2 could be the album that takes A-reece to the next level...


In the space of 4 years A-reece has managed to somehow create the most devout fan base in South African, no one even comes close,the kid is a star and his fans have put him in a place no one else is in. Love him or hate him one thing you can't do is ignore the fact that A-reece has become one of the most loved Hip Hop artists in the country, and we are moments away from him releasing the highly anticipated album ''Paradise 2'' which is the album I believe is going to turn him to a super star.

This is the moment that I believe will elevate him and completely distinguish him from his peers and put him into a league of his own. Paradise 2 was the only album that didn't come out in 2020 but it trended every single time anyone else dropped their projects, from Nasty C's ''Zulu Man wih some Power'' to Cassper Nyovest's ''AMN'' and everything in between, #Areece was always the number one trending topic. The people have spoken and they have picked A-reece and they will follow him to the very end, the kids hang onto everysingle word he spits on his records and take them as the gospel. 

His debut album ''Paradise'' was released almost  5 years ago on the 16th October 2016 and at this time it was the countrys  first introduction to the young kid who would soon take over the game. It was a very different time for A-reece, he was still signed to Ambitious records and when their relationship ended Reece was left out in the cold by himself and he had to rebuild everything from the ground up.It was a sink or swim situation and the boy rose to the challenge, I believe this is the moment that he began building his cult following. He was the underdog who had just left the record label and had all the odds stacked against him and he came out on top. The people connected to his story and have been with him in every part of his journey. He put out ''Honeydew freestyle'' and nothing was the same after that. Everytime he touches the stage the crowd completely looses their minds and he ends up stealing the show. The greatest thing about his story is that he did it all on his on terms and no one can ever take that away from him.

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Right now is the time where I see his star rise even higher, the stars are alligning in his favour and if he delivers an exceptional project next everything is going to change for him. He recently just changed his twitter bio to ''done working on the album'' so I guess the time is finally here for him to unleash it to the world. Only time will tell how high his star rises but one thing for sure is that A-reece's next project ''Paradise 2'' is going to change the game.