[DOCUMENTARY] How Jeff Bezos Sacrificed Billions To Become The Richest Man In The World.

This is a look at how Jeff Bezos Managed to build the biggest e-commerce machine the worlds ever seen by convincing stake holders to forgo short term profits for the bigger picture.

Imagine for a second some bold headed guy came to you asking for millions of dollars in investments in a business that was the 1st of its kind at the time, and he tells you that you will not see any profits from that investment for the next 15-20 years, or even longer. Most people would laugh him out the room or tell him to take his scam else. Others took the chance to believe in him nd now thier investment is currently sitting at $2 393 (R45, 165)  a share.

That bold headed guy ended up becoming the richest man in the modern world and the global empire he built became e-commerce giant Amazon.

This is the story of how Jeff Bezos sacrificed billions in short term profits to build his global Amazon empire.