We caught up with the young creative Newton Ramhapha located in Botswana and we discused everything about his brand warheads, what he does as a creative director,his favourite BW brands and more. Check out the interview below. 
1)Tell us a little bit about what you do and the brand you started WARHEADS?
''I am a creative director for any creative insert I might come through, what I do is I come up with concepts for clothing brand and even direct their visualisations. I can also come up with concepts for music and its writing. I decide how and when the tune can be like so that is matches the whole process. I basically decide all the creative processes for any project I might be given or have come up with. is a streetwear brand I started though the idea is to make this "warhead" noun a character that youth should endorse into their lives, I mean with all the challenges and problems they have to fight through. I made it also to encourage and promote local streetwear, the idea that the dopest outfit doesn't have to be necessarily expensive thus the concept "This was not bought at the mall" which I created in 2019."
2)How long have you been running the brand?
''I have been running the brand for a year now, formulated on July 28 2019 though its at growth level.''
3)What are some of your favourite brands in BW
''My favorite local brands would be Diamond Dust and Rainbow Johnson.''
4)How do u plan on help change and better the creative space in BW?
''I plan to help and better the creative space by working on the idea of inspiring a lot of youngies like me through my hardwork and also by collaborating with them for a few projects freely so that we can build a strong foundation of young creatives who want to see their craft being recognised and putting the country somewhere as well. ''
5)Tell us about your future plans as a creative director.
''My future plans are to have a distribution platform, where I can put out all my content with my folks as well such as with Skiilog, so as to have an actual connection with the spectators and buyers as well of my clothing brand. Other plans are also to work on a styling project with some of my associates in South Africa as well so as to bring my craft to the neighbouring country as well.''