This is a list of all the artists to look out for this year...


After everyone had a crazy 2020 filled with uncertainty the only thing that kept the people going was the music. Whether it was your favourite mainstream artist dropping an EP or you surfing on Soundcloud  or digging through Spotify playlists to find new artists to vibe to, the music was litteraly our saving grace. We have compilled a list of artists that we believe everyone should be paying attention to in the new year. Ranging from the new wave of R&B to the alternative rap underground world which resides on Soundcloud here is the list of our favourite up and coming artists in Mzanzi. Below is our list of 9 artists who we think are gonna breakthrough in the year 2021 and beyond...


The Durban born MC brokethrough late last year with his street anthem ''Big Time Shlappa'' featuring Lucasraps and now his name is buzzing everywhere. He is currently being hailed as one of the future leaders of the new wave of rap artists coming out of the country and as soon as you hear him you will understand this to be true. The whole game is currently waiting on his debut project which is sure to fxck shit up. Check out his latest video for Uppity above and make sure you check out his Soundcloud above.


We first discovered Filah lah lah last year after she dropped her debut EP ''Filahsofy'' and immediately we knew she was special. Her 6 track EP ''Filahsofy'' is the journey of a young black woman finding herslef in the world, her journey of love and it's ups & downs, her wins and losses, all wrapped up in incredibly well crafted and written music. If you haven't heard it yet make sure you go and stream it and watch her video above.


Ch'cco (which I believe is pronounced as Chicco) is JHB native who we discovered on Twitter last week and have been stuck to his Soundcloud ever since. He has released 2 official projects on his Soundcloud page and he is a breath of fresh air. I have had his single ''4th Grey'' on repeat for the last couple of days. Check out his Soundcloud page and be ready to be amazed.


Coming out of the streets of Pretoria ROHO released his project Ephemeral and it has quickly become one of my favourites. The 6 track EP is some of the best R&B I have heard in a while and very soon his name is going to be buzzing on everyone's lips. The project is on all digital streaming platforms so make sure you go and stream it.


The 19 year old singer/songwritter is pouring his heart out on these records and I think that's why people instantly connect with him and his music. He dropped a project ''18yrsold: Teenage Hearttrob Prequel'' last year on his soundcloud and it has already racked up a total of +100K plays on the platform so if this is anything to go by he is on his way up. Check out his latest project above and tell us what you guys think.


It's been a while since I got excited after hearing a new rap artist and ThepxshMagazine is just that guy. I first heard his song ''The last Movie I watched was amazing'' featuring Mass the difference and I was like ''ohh damn, he is really nice with it''. He is a great rapper and has a lot of soul, reminds me of a young Chance the rapper before he went super religious. I'm going to be watching how he continues to grow, I think it is the begining of somethng great.


We are trully living through the golden era of R&B in South Africa and this is the greatest thing to ever happend. There is a huge influx of new R&B artists and a couple have managed to float above the rest, Thando is one of them. She dropped her debut project ''A force to be reckoned with'' at the end of November 2020 and she has already broken through as one of the best song writters out right now. Her voice is great but there is something about her song writting which puts her a cut above the rest, it's still early for her but I think she is going to be huge. Make sure you go and stream her brand new project ''A force to be reckoned with'' out now on all digital streaming platforms.


I discovered this video on youtube a couple of days ago and it has been on heavy rotation at The Gold Axis offices. This is exactly what you call a hit, it's catchy, the boy can rap and the visuals are clean. I first thought SimulatedRxps was an underground rapper from his name but after I watched the video I knew he was not who I thought he was. The video dropped halfway through November 2020 but it already has 23'000 views on Youtube and it is growing. Right now all he needs is a remix with one of your favouirte rappers and he is gone. Check out the video above and tell us what you guys think.


The amazing young talent Joda Kgosi came out last year with 2 songs and quickly became one of the most loved up and coming artists. She has only officialy released 2 songs but just from those 2 songs she has managed to create a space for herself in the game. She is definitely on the way up and is going to be one of the artists to look out for this year. Hopefully she will bless us with a full length project this year but untill then listen to her fan favourite single ''Truth is'' above.

This is the list of artists who have caught our attention, hit us up with anymore artists you think we may have missed or who are being overlooked.